Friday, September 08, 2006

Nursery Times

Old king Cole got a CD player
Tom, Tom’s gone right off pork
Mary, Mary just had to agree
And the spoon dumped the dish for a fork

Wee Willy Winky’s having counseling
And Bah, Bah the punk sheep’s not black
Old Mother Hubbard gets her shopping delivered
Mrs. Sprat’s had a heart attack

Rock a by baby’s got senile dementia
Twinkle Twinkle’s a much bigger star
Doctor Foster bought a helicopter
Johnny Thin ended up behind bars

Humpty Dumpty got body armor
Jack and Jill got plumbing
Little Miss Muffit ate the spider beside her
And the owl and the pussy cat had very odd looking children
Oops! That didn’t rhyme

Oh and as for that old woman who lived in a shoe
Well a social worker told her exactly what to do!